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Solid-line Tissue Holder

Solid-line Tissue Holder

Cebien's innovative yet simple tissue holder creates a new function for the traditional toilet roll holder, resolving any concerns of dropping your phone in the toilet. With a modern plate design that can be used both decoratively and functionally, the tissue holder brings your bathroom one step closer to transforming the menial task of using the toilet, into an experience.


The Solid-line Tissue Holder features:

  • Tissue holder
  • Plate for function/decorative purposes
  • Easy installation
  • Dimensions:

    Product: 158 x 90 x 133mm

    Package (Black): 180 x 140 x 100mm 

    Inner package case (White): 174 x 100 x 160mm

  • Weight Specification:

    Black: 0.75kg

    White: 0.68kg

  • Material Specification:

    Plate: ABS

    Holder: Stainless Steel

GST Included