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M1-100N One-Touch Push Pull Door Lock (Privacy Lock)

M1-100N One-Touch Push Pull Door Lock (Privacy Lock)

This one-touch push-pull door lock system features an ergonomic and universal design that ensures ease of function and comfort for any internal door. By minimising any excessive motion required to open doors, this one-touch system caters to all people, from children to those who are differently abled.


Other features include:

  • Anti-panic function (for use in emergencies for fast evacuation)
  • Antibacterial certification to minimise cross infection via the door lock
  • Privacy-lock function for master bedrooms and personal space
  • Height Specification:

    68(W) x 150 (H) x 62mm(D), Backset 60/70mm

GST Included
Expected shipping within 2 months of placing your order
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