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BABA201 Magnetic Interior Door Lock - SQUARE PLATE

BABA201 Magnetic Interior Door Lock - SQUARE PLATE

The new interior door lock from BABA features option of general type (with latch guide) or a magnetic latch (without latch guide) for a flush, modern look that reduces door shake, making it the go-to addition to any home interior for both aesthetic and function.  The BABA201 also goes hand-in-hand with BABA's Smart door locks, giving your entire home a synonymous and sleek look both inside and out, differentiating it from the average interior.


The Magnetic Interior Door Lock features:

- Square Door Plate

- Locking pin/key mechanism

- Low Friction Noise

- Equipped with a patented "door shake correction" function

- Premium option of Magnetic latch and Door striker using "Neodymium (ND) magnets"

  • Installable Door Thickness:


  • Back set dimension:


GST Included
Expected shipping within 2 months of placing your order
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