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BABA8301 Smart Lock Door System 4-Way (T)

BABA8301 Smart Lock Door System 4-Way (T)

This premium grade smart door lock is perfect for multi-purpose entrance doors for homes and apartments that support the general opening methods. The 4-way smart door lock is the perfect combination of all innovative features baba has to offer in a sleek, elongated package for the modern home.


The 4-way Smart door lock features:

  • 4-Way Access (Fingerprint, Password, Key card, Emergency Key)
  • Anti-Shake Technology
  • Ant-Flow Technology
  • One touch function
  • Intrusion Detection + Alarm Function
  • Fire Prevention System Function
  • Life Waterproof Function
  • Electric Shock Neutralisation Function
  • WiFi and Bluetooth Mobile App Control (Optional)
  • Height Specification:

    Inner: 90(W) x 350(H) x 70mm(D)

    Outer: 79.4(W) x 350 (H) x 70mm(D)

  • Weight Specification:

    3.7 kg

GST Included
Expected shipping within 2 months of placing your order
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